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Silver Floating Dream

 Edition 1/1  for each

Certificates of Authenticity Provided 

24" x 36" (Vertical)

Ready to hang and floats 1.5” off the wall

In the midst of 2020, while cloistered within the bustling heart of New York City, this project found its genesis. The relentless wail of sirens, the palpable undercurrent of unseen anxieties, the isolation that severed our ties with loved ones, and the formidable trials of solitude – these burdens converged upon me, and indeed, upon those whom I held dear. As I gazed upon the ashen sky beyond my window, I sought an escape from this tumultuous existence.


With a pen in hand, I ventured out onto my balcony, simultaneously immersing myself in the wisdom of the "Dao De Jing," a revered Chinese philosophical treatise expounding the natural order governing all things. It was within this sacred duality of contemplation and creation that I embarked upon my artistic journey. Through my drawings, I found solace, uncovering a newfound perspective on life's tribulations. This transformative process culminated in the artwork before you.


Each stroke atop the original piece symbolizes the gradual emergence of a "silver lining" amidst the storm clouds of uncertainty. While the path ahead may be shrouded in obscurity and weariness, we, the nascent of existence, are intrinsically bound to the cosmic tapestry, and, as such, will inevitably find our unique avenues for growth.


My aspiration for this piece is to bestow upon you a sense of serenity and fortitude as you navigate the challenges and ambiguity that life presents.

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