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RISD Architectural Projection
Professor: Carl Lostritto 
Time: 2015 09-12

RISD Architectural Projection introduces the beginning student to the origins, media, geometries, and role(s) of projection drawing in the design and construction process. The student will learn systems of projection drawing from direct experience, and be challenged to work both from life and to life. Subjects such as transparency, figure/ground, sciagraphy, oblique projection, surface development, volumetric intersections, spatial manipulation, and analytic operations will build on the basics of orthographic and conic projection.

Final model generated from the objects

Shadows captured from certain specific  moments of the installations

Objects hand drawing combined with the digital modeling drawing 

1:1.5 scale foam sculptural practice of the original objects 

Architectural section cut analysis drawing of the objects from 45 degrees

Architectural Axo cut analysis drawing of the objects from parallel perspective 

Project the original hand drawing of the objects on the foam models

12 digital modeling tests for the fragment of the objects

Re-digital modeling the objects by physical measurement

Translate the new digital modeling objects to physical model

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