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Silver Dream 01

Silver Dream 01

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Size:20 W x 30 H 

Packaging:Ships Rolled in a Tube


*This Artwork is part of Kaleidoscopic Meditation Series. In the hand drawing special edition, Xinye harnesses the luminescence of traditional Chinese silver and gold ink atop fine art prints, manifesting the serene flow of meditative energy. This symbolic layer, resting on a base that seizes a meditative instant, marries the material to the mystical. The ink’s dance with light and viewer interaction injects life into the artwork, creating a vibrant, layered experience that echoes the essence of meditation.

Viewers are invited to step into a realm of healing beauty, to be enveloped by the gentle, flowing energy that these artworks exude.


About KM Series:


"Kaleidoscopic Meditation" aims to craft unforgettable, fantastical multi-sensory experiences. It beckons viewers to traverse into a realm of unspoken allure, to shed worldly burdens, and to discover a sanctuary of inner peace and harmony.

Xinye channels her exploration of Eastern philosophy and the tapestry of Chinese cultural narratives into her art, capturing the ephemeral nature of her abstract emotions during meditation. These intangible sensations are reimagined into physical form through her art, employing cutting-edge interactive technology and geometric algorithms to breathe dynamic vitality into her static creations.

This series showcases a diverse array of expressions, from captivating, immersive interactive art to soul-stirring music performances. Carefully selected frames from live animations are transformed through high-precision printing, each capturing a fleeting memory, a moment crystallized within the realm of "Kaleidoscopic Meditation."