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Kaleidoscopic Meditation 

Kaleidoscopic Meditation is Xinye's series of healing art live immerisve and interactive performances and exhibitions.
The work is inspired by ancient Chinese culture, meditation techniques, and
epistemological topology.

Channeling positive healing cognitions, Xinye harmoniously morphs the energies she
feels into hand-drawn digital paintings. Contemporary texture mapping algorithms
give the mosaic a life of its own. The content becomes the milieu as both respond
to the artist’s live performance of ancestral instruments - the two-thousand-year-old
Chinese harp: the GuZheng (pronounced Goo Gin) and Tibetan singing bowls.

This implosive synthesis of acoustically healing frequencies with undulating color
psychology rejuvenates the body, spirit, soul, and mind.
This irreproducible immersive environment is captured via a single ultra-high definition still frame.

Live performance version - Floating
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