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Xinye’s Healing Artworks Hunting

Congratulations! You've finally discovered this secret page!

About this project:

This is a global public healing art project. By collecting healing spots and stories, we aim to share the healing power, heal together, and help people forge meaningful bonds in their neighborhoods or even globally.

People who submit the form will receive a secret art gift from the artist.  


Guidance for the Game:

  • Once you find the artwork, you can select a new healing spot to hide.

  • Fill out the form below, provide details about your chosen healing spot and share your healing story (explaining why this spot brings your healing energy)

  • Upload hints and photo of the location you hide (remember to share the location with us in case you're exceptionally good at hiding, and no one can find it :D). We will only share the photo and hints about the location with the public, keeping the address a secret until the next person discovers it.

  • Once the location is found by the next person, we will publish the site you hide on our healing map and share the healing story you write 

Upload File

Thank you for submitting!

Check the newest Healing Map

Words from Xinye:

  As a healing artist, I believe that good art is not only aesthetically pleasing but also capable of spreading positive energy to the public. Therefore, I've created this special public art project. By participating in this game, you are not only sharing the healing power but also contributing a new piece of public healing art to the world alongside me. I will send you a secret art gift for appreciating your participation and contribution to this public healing art project 

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