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RISD Advanced Studio
Professor: Nicholas Safley
Time: 2017 09-12

TUI ( 腿 ) is an office building. The word means 'Legs' in Chinese. As it shows, the animal-like legs stand there as a landmark to identify the CBD by breaking down the depressing dialogue between the skyscrapers and crowded commercial buildings.

Compared with other skyscrapers, TUI has its personality as an architecture: TUI is much more welcome to hug the crowds by its open spaces created by its identical 4 legs. 

Site Analysis

The site is located in the south Boston right close to The Institute of Contemporary Art.  According to the government plan, it will gradually become the  Central Business District in South Boston.  

The Concept of TUI

Day and Night View

X-ray Drawing of TUI

Model of TUI

Ground Floor Plan

10th Floor Plan

Diagrams of Functions of Each Floor of TUI

Elevation of TUI

Top view 

Section Perspective View 

Elevation of TUI

Details Rendering of TUI

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