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RISD Architectural Design
Professor: Kyna Leski
Time: 2016 02-05



Boat House Design in a challengable site which along the highway.

Perspective View

​Top View

Section View

In this site, there is an elegant, soft boathouse. It goes across the highway, becomes a link between city and nature. Like a huge hug which hugs the nature and the city at the same time. Inviting people from both the city side and the ocean side, letting them meet together in a beautiful moment under the highway structure.
The original concept of this design is generated from studying a small paper model. By pinching one sheet of paper, the paper starts to show an elegant “arch” surface. Inspired by the surface, the two-axis which control the surface be found in the site. One is coming from the structure of the highway, the other one is coming from the city side. The structure of the highway also indicated a natural gate for both the city and the ocean. The space under the highway also becomes a “transition space”. When people go through the ”transition space” under the highway, the cars also go through the highway in the same time. A wonderful moment happens under the huge roof. 
Meanwhile, the different kinds of  “semi-transparent ” walls as an important element also create various incredible shadows. As exploring the holes of the wall and the function of a different wall, there are four kinds of wall contribute to the building. People could appreciate the beautiful shadow changing through the exterior walls during sunrise and sunset. The holes of interior walls create the “infiltrating space”. Keeping the air flowing. For preventing the distraction from the highway. The walls in between the highway changing from opaque of top to “transparent” of the bottom.

1st Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

Exploding Drawing of Transition

Structure Model

Structure Digital Model

Site Analysis Model

Site Analysis Drawing

Abstract Conceptual Model Combined with The Information of Site

Roof Shell Analysis and Test 

Model Combined with Site and the Analytical View Lines

Side Walls Conceptual Model 

Texture Test of Horizontal Walls

Final Model

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