RISD Thesis
Professor: Carl Lostritto
Time: 2017 09 - NOW

A Pseudo-World made from Pseudo-Science.

A creature with an architectural form and biological system

A continuous ambiguous surface generated from double Kelin Bottle.

Please check the animations in Behance.  

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Animation of the space movement inside of a drop of water in the space station 

Projection of  Zero World 

Plan and Section of Zero Wolrd 

Axo Cuts of Zero

Units for growing the World

The growth of units for the entire Zero World.

The process of creating Zero world 


Exploded waterdrop analysis animation based on the video which took in the space station 


Analysis of Exploded  Waterdrop:

Capture the moment when space is moving outside of the waterdrop and build the digital model by points.

Analysis of Exploded  Waterdrop 02:

Simplified model by lines.

Translation of Exploded  Waterdrop:

Introduce topological space - Klein bottle to translate the ambiguous moment.

By studying the structure of  Kelin Bottle to understand the continuous surface and space.


A closed continuous surface generated by two Klein Bottles.

Illustration of double Kelin Bottles space.


The prototype of continuous space


Drafts of the Zero world

combination of  prototype "Double Kelin Bottles" and  various other subjects  


Double Kelin Bottles combined with "Zoning"  of Urban Planning 

Double Kelin Bottles combined with Bacteria Structure


Double Kelin Bottles combined with the nests of ants

Comics of Zero (draft relationships study  of  layers of Zero)


Inspired by relationships of the human organs and the relationships of ants society 

The Initial Section and Plan of Zero

​Projection of the layers concept

Detail Illustration:The First Three Layers of Zero

Detail Illustration:The Fourth Layer of Zero

Detail Illustration:The Fifth and Sixth Layers of Zero

The beginning of Zero World

The Growth of Zero World