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RISD, Urban Design
Professor: Jeffrey Geisinger
Time: 2016 09-11

A residential space designed for the polluted area

Yona Friedman

Mobile Architecture

"The idea of the Ville Spatiale was to assure for its inhabitant the freedom to shape both their
individual habitat and the city layout, freely after their preferences. The second element of that idea was the Architecture mobile, the possibility to periodically remodel the individual habitat and urban layout, without imposing demolition." [1]


[1] Friedman, Yona, Kenneth Frampton, and María I. Rodríguez. Arquitectura Con La Gente, Por La Gente, Para La Gente =: Architecture with the People, by the People, for the People. León: MUSAC, 2011.

The polluted site is located in Pawtucket (Rhode Island, USA) which is surrounded by the Blackstone River.


As the textile industry center in the last century, this site suffers chronic flooding and severe water pollution.

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