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Lin Xinye

is a multi-dimensional artist whose work bridges hyper traditional with hyper-contemporary techniques.

By synthesizing Chinese philosophy, soft/hardware technologies, concepts of neuroscience, and her twenty six years of guzheng experience, her work orchestrates immersive multi-sensorial spaces that rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

Xinye has received accolades from numerous organizations including The Cooper Hewitt Museum, United Nations Economic and Social Council, RISD XYZ Magazine, Hong Kong Biennale, Florida’s Digital Graffiti Festival, as well as the Boston Art Festival ILLUMINUS.

After studying urban planning in China, Xinye graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a Master of Architecture.


Beyond her international exhibitions, she has manifested her work into a luxury art production and management brand.

In 2020, Xinye rewarded a Certificate of Honor for Artists from United Nations ECOSOC with her work Future Beehive Gene Bank and the certificate from A60 International Art and Tianjin Associate of Young Artists. Her works were also featured in RISD XYZ magazine and Boston Art Festival ILLUMINUS in 2019.

In December 2019, Xinye led the team MotiMelo and won the MIT Hacking Arts Top 10 Teams. The team uses machine learning to analyze the movements of people with disabilities and uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically generate interactive music and visual arts according to human movement. By using science and art methods to encourage the disabled to participate in the creation of public art and rehabilitation.

In the same year, she participated in the BLDGballot team. The project of the team applied AR and intelligent algorithms to analyze human choices to improve the design application rate and cost analysis of the space design. The project won the AEC Tech 2019: Hackathon  Best Team Award.


In 2018, Xinye obtained a one-year Fellowship from Terrefrom ONE and participated in the project "Monarch Sanctuary" as a Senior Researcher. She committed her effort in bio-structure parameterization algorithm research, material research, and interactive bio-space study. The project she worked on won the 2019 Architizer A + Awards and was exhibited at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum and the Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture


In the summer of 2018, she participated in the project "BODY ARCHITECTURES" led by Nancy Diniz, the Bio-design course leader of St. Martins College of Art. Xinye designed interactive wearable devices and did research on the relationship between VR, building spaces, and sensors. The work was exhibited in Venice and other places.

The artwork from the series "Fluidity" was exhibited at the 2018 RISD Thesis Grad Show.

In the same year, the art installation "RIPPLE"(cooperated with landscape architect Yixin Ren) was exhibited at the Woods-Gerry Gallery in Providence and New York, the work is also selected to be published by RISD "XYZ" magazine

Her work "Zero" Series was selected for the large-scale electronic art festival in Boston in 2018 and exhibited at Downtown Crossing, as well as for the large-scale electronic art festival in Florida and exhibited at Alys Beach in 2019.


As an independent musician, Xinye is a professional Guzheng performer with a top-level examination certificate of Guzheng. Her music works are published on Soundcloud and NetEase Cloud since 2018. Her music works include "Play! "," D-Deepchillwave "," Pink Moon & Walk ", etc., 

Curation Experience


2020.07  Global Future Education Summit


The Global Future Education Summit is committed to creating a new platform for global education dialogue, exploring new trends in education innovation, remote cooperation, and worldwide coordinated development in the post-pandemic era, and to promoting cooperation and development in education equity, education innovation, and interdisciplinary education. Organizations participated in:

EU-China Commission Leading Education in African Development (LEAD)

American Institute for International Education and Research(AIIER)

MIT MicroProject Society

Cognitive Lab

One Culture Foundation

Xinhua Cultural Investment

Everyone consulting

Ed for Growth Media


GCTV-UN The Sunshine Media

The China Press

Sing Tao Daily etc


2020.05 Sustainable Future - United Nations Online Art Forum


For this exhibition & global art forum, we use art as a powerful tool and an influential language to draw the public's attention to the environment and to encourage people to imagine a sustainable future with various methods. We believe that even a small change can make a big difference to our environment and eventually lead to a better future. 

Organizations participated in:

Panoramic Charity Foundation for U.N.(UNPCF)

Cognitive Lab

One Culture Foundation

Media Coverage:

GCTV- UN The China Press

People Eyes

World Journal

Sunshine Media 

2019.12 Experimental Future Exhibition - Today Art Museum,

China The “Experimental Future” exhibition was initiated by the Today Art Museum in collaboration with NewArt* to collect works for the most imaginative creators, and the selected outstanding works were featured and displayed on the “Future Cloud Museum” platform.


2019.04 Shanghai First Community Garden and Community Design International Symposium - Tongji University Zhongting Auditorium, Shanghai, China

In order to continuously promote the exchanges and cooperation between space professionals, all walks of life and academia, the first "Community Garden and Community Design International Symposium" was held in Shanghai


2019.04 Material Design Forum - Cooper Union Rose Auditorium,New York,US

Material Design Forum was an academic design forum and professional network salon, which was specifically held for alumni from Harvard University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Cooper Union, Pratt Institute, and Rhode Island School of Design. The event was cooperated with DA Architectural League. 


2022 - Artjobs Artits of the Month Winner

2020 - Certificate of Honor for Artists, Certificate of Honor for Artists, United Nations ECOSOC

2019 -  A+ Award, Architizer, Monarch Sanctuary, Team member of Terrefrom ONE

2019 - MIT Hacking Arts, Top 10 Teams - Leader of team MotiMelo

2019 - AEC Hackathon, Best Team Award - Team member of BLDGballot

2018 - Fellowship, RNR Family Foundation, Terrefrom ONE

2015~2018 - Graduate Scholarship, RISD

2014~2015 - Graduate Scholarship, Tulane University


2014 - Outstanding Undergraduate of Yunnan Province

2014 - Provincial Merit Student of Yunnan

2013~2014 - The Second Prize of National College Scholarship of China

2005 - Highest Performance Diplomatic Level in Guzheng

2003 - Silver Award of National Youth Painting Competition of China

2001 - Bronze Award of National Youth Painting Competition of China

2000 - Silver Award of National Youth Competition of Chinese Calligraphy


2022,02 Chinese Historical Society of America Museum

Project:Zhuangzi’s Butterfly Inception / Solo Art Performance

2020,01-02 Gray Area Theater

Project:Butterfly Dream / Solo Art Performance

2020,08 A60 International Art and Tianjin Associate of Young Artists

-Project:Ripples / collaborate with Yixin Ren

2020,04 Sustainable future - United Nations Panoramic Charity Foundation Art Exhibition
- Project: Future Beehive Gene Bank, Individual Work

2019,07 RISD XYZ Magazine

-Project:Ripples / collaborate with Yixin Ren

2019,05 Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum

-Project: Monarch Sanctuary, Terrefrom ONE Team Work

2019,05 Digital Graffiti Alys Beach 2019




2018,10 ILLUMINUS 2018 Boston


2018,08 Brooklyn Grange Exhibition

-Project:Zero 2018,07 Woods-Gerry Gallery Exhibition -Project:Ripples / collaborate with Yixin Ren

2018,05 GRAD SHOW 2018 OF RISD


2017,12 Architecture Thesis RISD Architecture

-Project:Axo of Zero

2017,11 Thesis + Research Probe Exhibition RISD Architecture

-Project:Liquid Space 

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