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RISD Architectural Analysis
Professor: Christopher Bardt
Time: 2016 02-05

RISD Architectural Analysis develop one's ability to critically read and understand architecture through formal, geometric, tectonic and spatial analytic processes. Analysis acts as an intermediary between observation, expression, and understanding, offering deep insights into works of architecture. The course builds upon the processes introduced in Architectural Projection. Through various conceptual and representational frameworks, the issues of mapping-layers. Point of view, scale, morphology, topography and tectonics will be explored as part of a larger creative process, embracing visual imagination, communication and critique.

Axo Drawing of Kolumba Museum 

Exploding of  Kolumba Museum


1st Floor Plan Drawing 

X-ray Perspective Analysis Drawing

Space Volume Analysis

Space Volume Exploding Drawing

One Slice of  the Entire Space of Kolumba Museum

Exterior Space Volumen of Kolumba Museum

The Space Volume of the Old Chamber 

The Space Volume of the 1st Floor

The Space Volume of the 2nd Floor

The Space Volume of the 3nd Floor

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